Finally !!

We have our own space and our own personal corner where we can do whatever we like. And we like making clocks!!With huge pride and full heart, we want to tell you something about the clocks we are making…To tell you something that will get you closer to our magnificent clocks. Our clocks are fully handmade from start to a shiny finish. We are using 4 mm thick mirrors with beveled edges which dimension 25cmx25cm guarantee excellent visibility and center of attention in the whole room. Just give us your idea and your thoughts and we will transfer them to the mirror!! But the main and most important thing of any our clock is its heart. We are using high-quality branded mechanisms who are working flawlessly for years and years. After we make the clock we are doing another quality check because when we handed our clock in your hands we want to be sure that we have done artwork, and the perfect product to make you or one you are gifting speechless. In 100% of our cases we do! And we are proud and happy about that!Clocks are coming in heavy-duty boxes protected inside with styrofoam(shipping friendly), with a quality AA battery, ready to be hanged on the wall immediately!The warranty for the clock mechanism we are giving is 10 years.. But if you need help even after 10 years,  we are here for you to make your beloved clock working!We will put any of your wishes on the clock and we will make that perfect!!Give us your wish and we will give you a clock of your dreams!