Once upon a time , in the world of dragons and magics, there was a small village in the heart of mountain ranges in the middle of Europe. From the beginning, in that village blacksmiths were known as one of the most competent and the best existed on the Earth . Their tools and the their skills were known to the farthest parts of the Earth .Their tools and their skills were known to the farthest part of the Earth . Once girl lived in that village whose beauty was known even more from the blacksmith’s art. She was young and beautiful , and because of that she had suitors from all part of the world , and everyday they would ask her for her hand . However, a young girl did not want to get merry . After countless offers for marriage a young beauty announced and said she will get merry for the first guy who shoes areal chicken egg! Her request rejected all the suitors, because they deemed it’s impossible to shoe the egg. After some time , the beautiful girl thought she got rid of all the offers and she was finally relieved . However, one night a young boy from the girl’s village showed up  at the girls door and gave her a present , a real straight shod egg . The beauty immediately fell in love and married the young man . 

From that day , in that blacksmith’s village was brought in the tradition that the young man who is not able to shoe the egg is not able to get merry eighter . From that day on, the shod egg is a symbol of  happiness and a shod egg will bring happiness in life to its owner . 

An egg is a symbol of life , and a horseshoe is a symbol of luck , and those two make this lucky egg !